Well this weekend is going to be a scorcher so it’s a really good time to stretch those legs that have been curled up on the sofa for the lengthy Winter. You can also exercise those pecs by lifting a glass or two and make it a full body work out – we are jesting of course!

And we are certainly not suggesting a pub crawl even though you might want to have a tipple on your rounds of these fabulous pubs and bars all the same. We don’t mind if it’s a Sipsmith Summer Cup or a pint of Oliver’s Island…it could even be a J20 but just make sure you take a twirl around our sunny neighbourhood and get to know us a bit better. There’s plenty of delish grub on offer, some of it’s quite swanky and some of it’s pure hearty Brit pub food too. Don’t forget to tweet while you drink and eat and use the #eatchiswick hashtag.

Here’s the map with our EatChiswick Pubs and Bars; EatChiswick wristband holders will get special offers in each one so get yours from George IV. Check out the participants pages and events too to cherry pick your faves, all try all of them!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter @EatChiswickW4.
We advocate responsible drinking.

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