Hello – this is your invitation to participate in EatChiswick 2016. The event is open to restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, workspaces and brands. This is a community event, run by locals who want to put Chiswick on the map as the culinary hotspot of London. We want to showcase the best of the best that’s on offer in the area under the EatChiswick banner.

Last year we ran over 12 jam-packed events and created a real buzz about Chiswick and this year will be even better. We’ve got some great stuff planned this year including two street food events, an ale & cider three day event plus more tastings, tours and lots of fun for everyone.

Please get in contact if you want to participate as a restaurant, bar/cafe, shop, brand, business, workspace or trader. We will get back to you with the details and timings asap.

This year’s theme for food and drink is ‘Sliders and Flights’ (no discounts please) and the wristbands will be coming back too.
Street traders will be asked to put their best dishes forward as well!

We look forward to having you on board in 2016.

Thanks again from Eva & the team

EatChiswick 2016 June 1-8 – Sign Up To Participate Here

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