EatChiswick is a community run initiative aimed at bring life and vibrancy to Chiswick, Chiswick High Road and the surrounding areas such as Turnham Green Terrace, Devonshire Road and Strand on the Green. The campaign garnered led to Chiswick High Road being named one of the top 5 London high streets in the Great British High Street 2015. It also supports independents and new businesses by giving them a public platform to promote themselves and develop a following of fans in the real world and in social media too.

As well as marketing the area as a destination for gourmands and food lovers, there is a weekly food market and an annual food festival for the local community and the rest of London, running across Chiswick from June 1-8, 2016 on the street, in cafes, bars, restaurants, offices and shops. Everyone can be involved in this celebration.

Chiswick has a rich history and plenty of contemporary new openings as well. The event gives indies and quirky places a high profile platform. It means you can support the local high street while enjoying the unique character and eclectic nature of our epicurean culture here. Honestly, having walked up and down Chiswick High Road visiting all the restaurants and talking to the owners and managers, it feels as if you’ve travelled the world – so I challenge you to do the same. I promise you’ll come away enlightened.

EatChiswick is the sister of ShopChiswick, the innovative social media initiative aimed at local businesses and the community.

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thanks and see you in June

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